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Welcome to Ellenbrook Rugby Union home of the Vipers,

Ellenbrook Rugby Union was established in 2014 and key goal of Ellenbrook Rugby Union is to provide a safe environment for young players to be part of the great game of rugby union.

Ellenbrook Rugby Union is a subdivision of the parent club Perth Bayswater Rugby Union based in Morley. Perth Bayswater is one of the oldest rugby union clubs in the Western Australia.

Perth Bayswater started playing rugby prior to 1906 based at Langley Park on the banks of the swan river; In the 70s Perth moved to the City of Bayswater and became Perth Bayswater Rugby Union Club.

Perth Bayswater has a long history in the rugby competition as a premier grade club and a very successful junior club that fields hundreds of young players each year.

Ellenbrook Rugby Union has been established to provide an opportunity for young players to become involved in game. The intention for Ellenbrook is to start of with the younger teams and the club will progressively grow to field higher age groups.

Ellenbrook Rugby Union has the full support of the parent club and when the teams and volunteers are established Ellenbrook Rugby Union will be a subdivision of the Perth Bayswater Rugby Union Club and will operate in conjunction with the parent club to provide a pathway for young players to play in the Premier division as they progress.

Ellenbrook Rugby Union will quickly establish itself in the junior rugby competition and as all clubs need are dedicated volunteers to assist with the growth of any club.

Ellenbrook Rugby Union has a exciting times ahead as Ellenbrook area is one of the best know towns not only in Australia but also the world, all clubs need to start somewhere and it does take time to build something special, the club has the full support of experienced members of the parent club.

If you wish to be part of Ellenbrook Rugby Union no matter what role you would like as players, parent, spectator, coach, manager, sponsor, committee member or just a friend you are so welcome and we would love to see you in the new club colours. If you would like more information please contact us,

We our proud to see the birth of the Ellenbrook Vipers and we are looking forward to see the club go from strength to strength.


Ellenbrook Rugby Union

Home of the Vipers